Lafayette Square Neighborhood/ Little Eagle Creek Waterway

Lafayette Square Neighborhood/ Little Eagle Creek WaterwayThe Lafayette Square Mall area was built in 1968 and over the past 20 years has seen significant decline. Recently, due to the influx of ethnic restaurants and grocery stores, the area has been repositioned as Indy’s “International Marketplace.” The mall and its parking lots sit over natural wetlands in Eagle Creek’s watershed. ROW is focused on Little Eagle Creek, a small creek that flows from the Eagle Creek Reservoir, near 38th St. and I-74, southeast towards downtown Indianapolis, through Speedway and several near-westside neighborhoods before terminating into the White River near Troy Avenue and S. Harding Street.

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ROW / CICF Grant Open

Through generous support from the Indianapolis Foundation/ Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) ROW is able to forward our mission by offering a new grant. The grant round is for $50,000 and the application is available to any of our Waterway or Element committees. There is no minimum ask for the grant but the maximum amount that can be requested per application is Read More…