ROW strategically identified six elements to apply to any waterway/neighborhood project. We will utilize AESTHETICS and EDUCATION to CONNECT people to the waterways, improving ECOLOGICAL conditions of our city, creating ECONOMIC opportunities within our neighborhoods, and increasing the WELL-BEING of our citizens.

Element # Metric Outcome
metricae 1 Incorporated and enhance artistic elements, and areas of natural beauty around waterway Improved the beauty of the area
2 Visitors’ experience of the artistic installation that results in experiential sensory engagement Improved mental state of visitors
metricsco 3 Create a connectivity system between ROW focus neighborhood and their destination locations and waterways Increase public access to and between destination locations and waterways with-in ROW neighborhoods
metricsec 4 Increase capital investment within ½ mile of waterways Increase city tax base
5 Increase brownfield parcels remediation within ½ miles of waterway Land remediated and prepared for other uses
metricsed 6 Provide educational programming, events, campaigns, and signs about the importance, history, and condition of waterways Increase community knowledge of waterway’s importance, history, and condition
7 Incorporate waterways into neighborhood or cultural events Leverage connections between the waterways and adjoining neighborhoods
metricseg 8 Overall stream health Support waterway’s recreational designated use and improve stream condition
9 Natural and physical infrastructure to improve the ecosystem Increase density of habitat that improves ecological form and function
metricswb 10 Conduct Health Impact Assessment Established baseline for continued community health awareness
11 Promote healthy neighborhood practices Improved health of community
metricsro 12 Increase number of residents living within 1/2 mile of waterway Growth of the urban core of Indianapolis
13 Increase public awareness of environmental importance, economic impact and quality of life contributions of the waterways Increased community awareness of waterway importance